Flight Simulators

Great Planes RealFlight G6.5 simulator

RealFlight 6 is now loaded with even more realism throughout, with vastly improved heli physics!


Expert pilots such as Brian Bremer, Matt Botos, Bobby Watts and others worked with RealFlight engineers to program increased precision and incredible heli performance. These experts made sure RealFlight reacts exactly like real life — so that feel and response is as real as it can possibly get.

Along with all of the physics upgrades, RealFlight 6 has many other new features, including Heli Safety Alerts, Wingtip and Rotary Trails, Smoke Reaction, Quicker Loading and Editing, and much more. Watch the video, and see what all went into the creation of the most realistic flight simulator ever!

Real Flight Basic

Real Flight for the proce conscious modeller

No bells, no whistles...this is basic, affordable flight simulation for anyone on a budget. RealFlight Basic offers entry-level training that’s fun, realistic and user-friendly. It’s the economical alternative with RealFlight quality!

  • Incredible graphics and physics
  • A hobby-quality controller
  • Super-easy menus
  • An excellent variety of aircraft and PhotoField™ sites
  • Compatible with Windows® XP, Windows® Vista™ and Windows® 7
  • All on a single DVD


Cutting edge technology combines with expert design to create the latest RC model simulator. Includes a Spektrum DX5 transmitter and cable.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary InfinityScape 3D landscale generator lets you fly beyond the horizon over beautiful, ever-changing terrain that you create and control
  • Over 175 accurately modeled and detailed helis, airplanes, float planes, autogyros and more
  • Realistic sounds recorded from actual model engines
  • New in-cockpit and chase camera views
  • Incredibly accurate flybarless heli physics
  • Dozens of stunning, photo-panoramic club, slope and soaring and waterfront flying sites to explore
  • includes Flybarless support including both active and passive systems
  • an updated User Interface
  • 10 new models
  • improved online performance
  • new competition modes including laser combat mode!
  • FREE downloads of new models, over 25 official flying sites and features as they become available
  • Internet/LAN multiplayer mode with voice-chat lets you fly with or learn from other pilots around the world
  • Support for TrackIR and NVIDIA 3D Vision